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Pink Floyd - 1977-02-01 - Vienna (Welcome To Vienna / Golden Eggs)

Pink Floyd
February 1, 1977

Welcome To Vienna
Golden Eggs 29/30

101. Sheep
102. Pigs On The Wing (Part 1)
103. Dogs
104. Pigs On The Wings (Part 2)
105. Pigs (Three Different Ones)

201. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts 1-5)
202. Welcome To The Machine
203. Have A Cigar
204. Wish You Were Here
205. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts 6-9)
206. Money
207. Us And Them

New master tape transfer, excellect audience recording

1977 was probably the last year of Pink Floyd as a unitary group, in fact all the tensions deriving from the creative process that would go in to creating of "Animals" led to the exclusion of Richard Wright as a member of the band, even thou it was not officially credited until the band toured "The Wall" at which point he was presented as a sidelining musician.
After the long running tours of 1974 and 1975, where the band played brand new songs that would eventually find their place on "Animals" (although presented still by their working titles, "Raving and Drooling" becoming "Sheep" and "Gotta Be Crazy" became "Dogs"). The Floyd decided not to tour the whole of 1976 to develop the record that, according to Roger Waters, was scheduled again to be a concept album, holding a microscope to the social and political situation in Great Britain at the time, which were grand protests, held both for economic and racial reasons (The punk phenomenon had exploded in a big way and the shirt worn by Sex Pistols' Johnny Rotten with the claim "I Hate Pink Floyd" is still famous today).
The Arrangement and sound of the songs were tightened to make the dramatic lyrics more effective, causing both Gilmour and Waters to quarrel countless times(The continuous reworking of the solos by Gilmour were also rancorous to the group) Famous in Floyd circles is the moment in which Snowy White, hired as guitarist/bassist to assist them both on the album and on tour, arrived at the recording studio right between a dispute between Gilmour and Waters about a guitar solo being erased by mistake.
After dozens of recording sessions,the album was released in January 1977 in the UK with a well remembered stunt, Waters had the ingenious idea of having a giant pig inflated with Helium and let fly over London during the photo-shoot for the cover.
After the release of the album and the subsequent rehearsals for the tour (Which took place at the Olympia Exhibition Hall in London), the group with Snowy White and sax player Dick Parry, planned to play the "Animals" album in full but with the order of the songs altered and then they would move to "Wish You Were Here" in it's entirety with the encores "Money" and "Us and Them" from "Dark Side of the Moon".
The Hipgnosis Studios also created the stage setting for the shows, like the Flying Pig but also the cannon shooting sheep made of perforated tea-bag paper. The other novelties included more inflatables which did not appear at every concert but very sporadically, since the group had chosen to vary venue sizes, moving from warehouses to large stadiums. Another important novelty were the videos created by Gerald Scarfe, which took six months of dedicated work to create (Scarfe remembers that Waters was relentless on the work schedule that he forced upon him, also Waters never submitted any of his work to any of the other band members to get their opinions on it).
The footage greatly enhanced the music, becoming indispensable at future performances; even today, Waters, on his current 2018 tour utilities the films prepared by Scarfe in 1977. Each novelty was conceived and presented to the public regardless of cost, the group performing a total of fifty-five concerts divided into a 29 date European Tour (9 of which in the UK) continued with a 25 date tour through North America, one leg in the spring and another later in the summer, culminating with the infamous July 6 show in Montreal.
The tour was not very long but it was a nerve wrecking affair for the band, finally destroying the already precarious balance between the band members.
But the tour continued with every date sold out, little by little the band got more lost behind their collective egos, unresolved conflicts and the lack of common vision about their musical future, despite everything one more masterpiece was still in the making, but that is a totally different story...


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