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Pink Floyd - 1970-02-11 - Birmingham (Atomic Heart Beat In The Hall)

Pink Floyd
February 11, 1970
Town Hall
Birmingham, England

Atomic Heart Beat In The Hall (Godfatherrecords GR 786/787)

101. Embryo
102. Main Theme from More
103. Tuning
104. Careful With That Axe Eugene
105. Sysyphus

201. Heart Beat Pig Meat
202. Quicksilver
203. Moonhead
204. The Violent Sequence
205. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
206. The Amazing Pudding

Atomic Heart Beat In The Hall documents Pink Floyd’s February 11th, 1970 show in Birmingham, England.  The sound quality of the tape starts off quite rough and unpleasant, but quickly improves to be quite listenable and enjoyable.  The entire show was pressed before on The Amazing Pudding (Highland HL 208/209) and the latter half of the show can be found as bonus tracks on Monopoly (1996 DYNAMO GULAG SUBOTNIK, MOSCOW).

There are several reasons why this show is important.  It contains very early performances of both “Atom Heart Mother” still called “The Amazing Pudding” at this point and with a drum break, and “The Embryo.”  Second, there are several very rare live performances of “Sysyphus” and “The Main Theme (from More).”

The most interesting part is the twenty-five minute long piece that starts off the second disc.  It starts off with “Heart Beat Pig Meat” from the soundtrack to the film Zabriskie Point and leads into “The Violent Sequence,” the precursor to “Us & Them” on Dark Side Of The Moon.  It’s the longest performance of the piece and most interesting given the incorporated musical themes.  Godfather utilize their gorgeous tri-fold cardboard gatefold sleeve with copious liner notes written by their Pink Floyd expert Alex The Gnome. 


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