Sunday, November 30, 2014

A Celebration Of Lindsay Cooper - 2014-11-23 - Forli

A Celebration Of Lindsay Cooper
November 23, 2014
Teatro Diego Fabbri
Forli, Italy

Henry Cow, News From Babel, Music For Films and Oh Moscow
play the music of Lindsay Cooper

Half The Sky - Henry Cow
Gretel's Tale - Henry Cow
Falling Away - Henry Cow
Slice - Henry Cow
Moss - News From Babel
Black Gold - News From Babel
Dragon At The Core - News From Babel
Waited / Justice - News From Babel
Late Evening - News From Babel
Victory - News From Babel
Women's Wrongs - Music For Films
Lots Of Strikes / General Strike - Music For Films
Iceland - Music For Films
Empire Song - Music For Films
Plate Dance / As She Breathes - Music For Films
England descending - Oh Moscow
On German Soil - Oh Moscow
Lovers - Oh Moscow
Oh Moscow - Oh Moscow
Forgotten Fruit - Oh Moscow
Anno Mirabilis

Alfred Harth - Tenor and Soprano Saxophones, Clarinet, Pocket Trumpet
Anne-Marie Roelofs - Violin, Trombone
Chris Cutler - Drums
Dagmar Krause - Vocals
Fred Frith - Guitar, Bass
John Greaves - Bass Guitar, Vocals
Michel Berckmans - Bassoon, Oboe, English Horn
Phil Minton - Vocals
Sally Potter - Vocals
Tim Hodgkinson - Alto Saxophone, Clarinet, Keyboards
Veryan Weston - Piano, Keyboards
Zeena Parkins - Harp, Piano, Keyboards

recording juhab1


Zen Archer said...

doghouse said...

Thanks for sharing - much appreciated

Anonymous said...

Fantastic share, Zen Archer - thanks a lot!

I wasn't fortunate to visit one of the 3 shows, but I heard fantastic reviews and very much look forward listening to them. Filefactory has server problems right now, so I'll try it again later.


Anonymous said...

P.S.: thanks for telling me, doghouse, you're a sweety! :)

-Otto- said...

...and thank you for day 3! And another Thank You to doghouse and Lucky for drawing my attention to this fine blog.