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Led Zeppelin - 1980-06-27 - Nuremberg

Led Zeppelin
June 27, 1980
Messezentrum Halle

01. Train Kept A Rollin'
02. Nobody's Fault But Mine
03. Black Dog

his single CD offering from The Diagrams Of Led Zeppelin label combines two soundboard fragments into a single release.

The first fragment is from the Messezentrum Halle, Nuremberg on June 27, 1980 and the second is from the Cobo Hall, Detroit, Michigan on July 13, 1973.

The Nuremberg recording cuts in after the first 50 seconds of “Train Kept A Rollin’” and finishes after “Black Dog” when John Bonham was too ill to continue. The sound quality of this soundboard is very good however it should be noted that the high frequencies seem to have been emphasized. This may or may not appeal depending on your specific tastes.

Page addresses the audience with “Good Evening. Two of us are not feeling at all well”. Later on he mentions stomach problems and adds that the next number “reflects kind of the way I feel, and possibly the other members….Black Dog”.

Plant addresses the crowd and introduces “In The Evening” however it’s not going to happen tonight. After a pause, he returns to say “If you can bear with us for a minute we just have a slight technical problem”. Then suddenly after another short pause, the recording ends. No mention is ever made on tape of Bonzo’s illness.

Led Zeppelin were probably the only group on the planet that still had the power to produce something memorable from a 16 minute show! For me this was the guitar solo during “Nobody’s Fault But Mine” which I thought was outstanding.

TDOLZ packages this release in a simple single cardboard sleeve with a nice 1980 picture on the front and the setlist on the back.

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