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Led Zeppelin - 1977-06-03 - Tampa

Led Zeppelin
June 3, 1977
Tampa Stadium
Tampa, FL

01 The Song Remains The Same
02 The Rover/Sick Again
03 Nobody's Fault But Mine

Even though the playing is exceptional, gutsy and strong the show had to be called off due to a severe rainstorm breaking out and a danger of electrocution threatening the event. After only 3 songs, the show was cancelled and a huge riot broke out. The stadium was trashed and the subsequent riot was extensively covered by the press, and it's marvelously preserved in these recordings. The sound is excellent and the playing is great!

Show ends early due to rain.

The promoters then ran a full page ad, apologizing to fans for the turn of events – it read:

“Concerts West Apologizes and is sorry for the humiliation & inconvenience to you and your faithful fans at Tampa Stadium, June 3, 1977.

You did everything that you could and wanted to do so much more. You are the best and deserve the best, not the worst treatment.
-Respectfully, Concerts West.

News Report: At Least 100 Injured At Led Zeppelin Concert

TAMPA Fla. - City officials, reeling from a mini riot which erupted when a thunderstorm washed out a Led Zeppelin concert, canceled a rain check rerun Saturday, leaving fans from as far as Michigan and New York holding "rain or shine" ticket stubs.

"If I were in Buffalo, I'd go home right now," said Bonnie Strickland. The 19-year-old youth and three companions had driven 24hours to get to Florida for the concert. Strickland said they were the first ones in the stadium when the doors opened at 11:30 a.m. Friday for the8:30 p.m. concert. After spending the day in 90-degree weather on the sun baked football field, they settled down for the concert.

The British band played for 20 minutes before the thunderstorm hit. About 45minutes later the concert was called off.
The cry "We want Zeppelin. We want Zeppelin" came from the 70,000 fans as rocks and bottles began flying onto the stage."We had what had to be called a small riot. There were between 3,000 and4,000 people who were unruly and disorderly," Tampa Police spokesman Johnny Barker said.

About 250 police officers, all in riot gear and using billy clubs, broke up the rioting and herded the fans out of the stadium. The scene was followed by 26 reported traffic accidents near the grounds. "The cops didn't give any warning," one teen-aged girl said. "They just waded in. I ended up at the bottom of the crowd and a cop kicked me in the head. My brother got a broken leg and broken ribs."

The melee left an estimated 100 fans with injuries. Eight were arrested. Shift Commander Tom Wilson said "in the neighborhood" a dozen officers were treated for injuries." One had a concussion, there was one with a broken hand, one with a broken ankle, one with cut lips and some teeth knocked out, one with a dislocated shoulder..." There were so many people you just couldn't move," a 32 year-old man from West Palm Beach said: "I was just trying to get away. The ticket said rain or shine."

Persons holding ticket stubs can get refunds, but we are encouraging them to mail in their refund requests," Barker said. (Newswire - June 5, 1977)

Another 1977 disaster. Even though the playing is exceptional and really gutsy and strong, the show has to be called off due to a severe rainstorm breaking out and a danger of electrocution threatening the event. After only three songs, the show was cancelled and a huge riot broke out. The stadium was trashed and riot police were called in. Too bad. The sound is excellent and the playing is great.

The ill-fated return to Tampa Stadium begins with someone near the taper shouting "bring on the blimp!" into a megaphone before the band takes the stage. The show gets off to a strong start with a frantic The Song Remains the Same. Page's fingers fly across the fretboard as Bonzo thrashes wildly at anything within reach. Plant barks aggressively as the band hammers through Sick Again. Page blazes through the guitar solos. As the song ends, Plant tells the crowd "it's more than a pleasure to be back in the Tampa region again."

Bonzo misses a cue as Plant begins the harmonica solo during Nobody's Fault But Mine, but quickly gets back on track. The recording becomes quite muffled soon after as the taper attempts to protect his equipment from the inclement weather. Someone can be heard saying "this is the worst" as the crowd scrambles for cover from the rain while Page shreds through the guitar solo onstage. As the song ends, Plant announces "we want you to bear with us because there seems to be some water falling on the electrical equipment... so we're gonna give it a fifteen minute break, are you cool?" Following a cut in the tape, someone onstage gives the crowd instructions on how to obtain an IOU for admittance to a makeup show the following night. Unfortunately, the subsequent riot would cause the local police to prevent the show from being rescheduled.

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