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Led Zeppelin - 1977-04-25 - Louisville

Led Zeppelin
April 25, 1977
Freedom Hall
Louisville, KT

01 The Song Remains The Same
02 Sick Again
03 Nobody's Fault But Mine
04 In My Time Of Dying
05 Since I've Been Loving You
06 No Quarter
07 Ten Years Gone
08 The Battle Of Evermore
09 Going To California
10 Black Country Woman
11 Bron Yr Aur Stomp
12 White Summer
13 Kashmir
14 Moby Dick
15 Guitar Solo
16 Achilles Last Stand
17 Stairway To Heaven
18 Rock And Roll

Another very good show. Nice renditions of Sick Again, In My Time Of Dying, No Quarter and Kashmir. Some idiot threw a bottle that wasn't empty up on stage which actually clipped Jimmy's guitar. He sat his guitar down on the stand and left the stage. The remaining members also left shortly after. It's reported that Jimmy was pissed off, and nearly cancelled the remainder of the show. But after some minutes Jimmy played as if nothing had happened. He also misses some notes during his solo in Achilles Last Stand and Ten Years Gone is only average. Rather great version of Stairway To Heaven and a strong encore closing this evening.

Page's fingers get stuck in the strings during the guitar solos in The Song Remains the Same. Plant repeatedly exclaims "well!" as Sick Again comes to a close, receiving a more enthusiastic response with each iteration. Page blazes through the guitar solo in Nobody's Fault But Mine. As the song ends, Plant asks the rowdy crowd "can you not push so much at the front, cause there's a lot of people gettin' a little bit hurt." The band gets a bit lost toward the end of In My Time of Dying.

There is a brief cut in the tape at the beginning of Jones's piano solo during No Quarter. Page and Bonzo join in for a frantic rendition of Nut Rocker. Jones gets a bit ahead of himself as the piece comes to a close and begins to play the main theme before Page and Bonzo pull him back. Page shreds erratically through a somewhat disjointed guitar solo. Someone in the crowd can be heard shouting "The Ocean!" as Plant is introducing Ten Years Gone, to which he mistakenly responds "we always do the old shit, what are you talkin' about?" adding "that's why we're in rock and roll, man!" Page struggles through an out of tune guitar solo. Plant pushes his voice to the limit during The Battle of Evermore. Black Country Woman is introduced as "a song inspired by a bad night with a woman... or a good one, on the other hand." There is a slight cut in the tape just before the final verse of Bron-Y-Aur Stomp.

Kashmir is incredibly powerful, the intense sonic assault threatens to destroy the taper's equipment. There is a cut in the tape in the middle of Achilles Last Stand. As the song ends, Plant tells the crowd "it's a long story, but if you could listen to the lyrics sometime, you might understand the relevance of it." Stairway to Heaven is dedicated to "peace amidst the brotherhood of Louisville." Page delivers an epic guitar solo. The crowd goes absolutely mad as Rock and Roll crashes into motion.

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