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Led Zeppelin - 1975-05-24 - London

Led Zeppelin
May 24, 1975
Earls Court Arena
London, England

01. Intro by Nicky Horne
02. Rock And Roll
03. Sick Again
04. Over The Hills And Far Away
05. In My Time Of Dying
06. The Song Remains The Same
07. The Rain Song
08. Kashmir
09. No Quarter
10. Tangerine
11. Going To California
12. That's The Way
13. Bron-yr-Aur Stomp
14. Trampled Underfoot
15. Moby Dick
16. Dazed And Confused
17. Stairway To Heaven
18. Whole Lotta Love
19. Black Dog

 This is a monster of a show. The best of the five Earl's Court gigs, this show has the band reaching a peak for 1975, one that is even better than Seattle and LA two months earlier. Nicky Horne simply introduced the band: "Welcome to Earl's Court. For the next three hours ... your mother wouldn't like it!" No Quarter must be the best version ever recorded, and Dazed And Confused is an incredible journey. Dennis Healey was again remembered during the introduction to the Dazed: "We gotta fly soon. Y'know how it goes with Dennis ... dear Dennis. Private enterprise ... no artists in the country anymore ... he must be dazed and confusd!" Stairway To Heaven contains probably the best solo ever by Jimmy on the song while Plant's vocal is not the best. The humour was belonged to the whole group so Bonham took the microphone as they climbed for the encores and said: "I'd like to say at this point that I think football's a load of bollocks!" what caued a quick retord from Plant: "I'd like to say that soccer's a wonderful sport, the best sport."

The tape begins with Nicky Horne announcing "for the next three hours, your mother wouldn't like it" as the band takes the stage. Things get off to a somewhat sluggish start, Bonzo sounds tired as he fumbles through the drum outburst at the end of Rock and Roll. Page's fingers get caught in the strings during the second guitar solo in Sick Again. As the song ends, Plant jokingly hints at Living Loving Maid during his usual "six and a half years" spiel. Page's fingers are like razor blades as he slashes and shreds through an erratic guitar solo during Over the Hills and Far Away.

In My Time of Dying is introduced as "a song that came from the deep south of America." The PA problems persist, causing Page's guitar to cut out briefly during the initial verses. Plant references Hey Joe, exclaiming "so I gave her the gun, and I shot her!" as Page launches into the first guitar solo. The band's timing gets a bit sloppy as the song progresses. Plant tells the crowd "it really is a treat to be playing in England again" before dedicating No Quarter to "anybody who's got any hope that everything can be okay in our wonderful country again." The instrumental section is transformed into a somewhat disjointed free-form improvisation featuring an excellent laid-back guitar solo from Page. Tangerine is introduced as "a song of love in its most innocent stages." That's the Way is beautiful. Page shreds wildly as Bonzo pummels the crowd during an erratic Trampled Underfoot.

Plant sings a few lines of Rip it Up before announcing "tonight, there's a lad watching his dad who is a remarkable drummer... he's a better drummer that eighty percent of rock group drummers today and he's eight years old, so... Jason Bonham, this is your dad!" prior to Moby Dick. The penultimate performance of Dazed and Confused is introduced as "a song that came at the very beginning of our time." Page solos wildly through the lead-in to the bow solo. The mournful Woodstock interlude is fantastic. Page erupts in a furious cascade of notes during the guitar solo/workout section, his fingers tear across the fretboard at lightning speed. The outro jam is extended beyond all limits. Stairway to Heaven is introduced as "a song which typifies the mood of hope, which in our brighter moments surrounds us." Page delivers a truly amazing guitar solo, building tension with each note as the epic drama unfolds. An unbelievable performance, one of the best thus far.

As the band returns to the stage, Bonzo announces "I'd like to say at this point that I think football is a load of bollocks!" to which Plant responds "I'd like to say that soccer is a wonderful sport, the best sport," adding "and that's got nothin' to do with Bonzo's sentiments." Whole Lotta Love features an excellent theremin freakout, which includes bits of Sex Machine and Turn on Your Love Light.

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