Saturday, September 27, 2014

Led Zeppelin - 1975-02-28 - Baton Rouge

Led Zeppelin
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, LA

101. Rock And Roll
102. Sick Again
103. Over The Hills And Far Away
104. In My Time Of Dying
105. The Song Remains The Same
106. The Rain Song
107. Kashmir

201. No Quarter
202. Trampled Underfoot
203. Moby Dick

301. Dazed And Confused
302. Stairway To Heaven
303. Whole Lotta Love
304. Black Dog

Excellent soundboard recording

A great show from 1975! The recording captures clearly the performance and is really atmospheric, making this a pleasure to listen to. The show itself is wonderful ... Robert is in good voice (something that doesn't happen often in 1975), and the band is amazing. Start to finish this show is great ... even the long Moby Dick is enjoyable. (Bonham was introduced as "the man with a bicycle clip caught in his sock ... the greatest percussionist since Big Ben!") No Quarter is a wonderful jam with some excellent piano from Jonesy and Kashmir is epic. Dazed And Confused is long and great, and the drumming, in particular, is immense. This is also the date on which Physical Graffiti was finally been released in the United States and Plant commented that fact: "The egg has been laid ... or is it the guy who got laid?"

A loud pea whistle signals the beginning of Rock and Roll. Bonzo's thunderous pounding echoes off the walls of the arena as Page blazes through the guitar solos during Sick Again. As the song ends, Plant tells the crowd "hang onto your heads." In My Time of Dying is incredibly heavy. Bonzo hammers at his drums with unbelievable intensity during The Rain Song. No Quarter features Jones's first use of a grand piano. The instrumental section is absolutely fantastic. Page delivers an amazing guitar solo which ends in a series of violent outbursts with Bonzo. An outstanding performance, one of the best thus far.

Page shreds through an erratic guitar solo during Trampled Underfoot Plant introduces Moby Dick as "one of the most exciting events that you're likely to see in the next ten minutes." The arena quakes under the power of Bonzo's thunderous assault. An utterly devastating performance, one of the best thus far. Dazed and Confused features a brutally heavy San Francisco interlude, now transformed into a haunting rendition of Woodstock. Page's fingers get a bit sticky during the frantic guitar solo/workout section. The return to the main riff is a chaotic explosion of energy. As the song ends, Plant announces "Mr. Jimmy Page, guitar... Baton Rouge, a really good audience... and Led Zeppelin, just a fun-lovin' bunch of boys." Stairway to Heaven features an excellent, dynamic guitar solo from Page. Plant unleashes some spine-chilling squeals during the theramin freakout in Whole Lotta Love. Page's fingers become hopelessly entangled in the strings during Black Dog.

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