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The Beatles - 1969 complete A/B Road sessions... a little intro

The Beatles
January, 1969

"A/B Road" session tapes

Also known as The Nagra Reels

To end this Beatles upload frenzy of mine, we'll go into the tour the force... the 1969 sessions, its a lot of material because the complete sessions were documented, to make it easier for all I will start uploading one day worth of sessions at the time. All the credits and history of these 1969 sessions recordings are on this post... enjoy and wish me luck!

COMPLETE SET version 1.1

83 CDs

2187 tracks

97 hours, 44 minutes, 7 seconds

Twickenham Studios (Part 1)

Apple Studios (Part 2)

Background info, from Doug Sulpy's "Complete Beatle's Audio Guide"
From Doug Sulpy
2006 Edition


I'll make this easy for you.

You need Purple Chick's "A/B Road" series. Period. No doubt, using one of my previous books as a template (at least I hope he did - I'd hate to think of two people going through all that work!) Purple Chick has compiled every extant moment from the Nagra A and B rolls and edited them together in sequence.

In January, 1969, virtually every moment of The Beatles' rehearsals and recording sessions were captured on audio tape as part of the project that ultimately became the film "Let It Be." For the first part of the month, at Twickenham Film Studios in London, The Beatles' performances were only preserved on small 16 minute long mono tapes (known as"Nagra" reels) that were recorded for use as the film soundtrack.

Two different tape recorders were running (usually off of the same sound feed), resulting in what was termed "A" and "B" roll Nagra recordings. The "A" rolls generally ran the full 16 minute length of the tape. The "B" rolls were more fragmentary, but often captured performances or dialogue missed while the "A" roll operator was changing reels. In addition, once the sessions shifted to Apple Studios on January 21st, Glyn Johns began recording multi-track tapes of The Beatles' sessions which, again, sometimes captured performances not heard on either the "A" or "B" roll Nagra recordings.

In 2004, Purple Chick collated these recordings, and issued them in a series of CDs called "A/B Road. These are now the most readily available source for the "Get Back" sessions material

Further history on the Nagra Reels (source of this giant set)
Published: January 13, 2003

To read the statements made by British and Dutch officials after the arrest of a group of bootleggers in suburbs of London and Amsterdam on Friday, one would think that the police had apprehended a band of thieves who for the last three decades had been sitting on a vast trove of long-lost master tapes from Beatles recording sessions. There is an element of truth in what they say, but also a good measure of exaggeration. Whether the seizure of these tapes should be regarded as good news -- and for that matter whether it will have any effect on the thriving trade in Beatles bootlegs -- is another matter.

What the police seized was a collection of 500 to 550 reels of tape, each running about 16 minutes. They were recorded during the sessions for the Beatles' ''Let It Be'' album -- originally to be called ''Get Back'' -- from Jan. 2 to Jan. 31, 1969. But they are not the multitrack session masters from which the album was made. Those are safely in EMI's archives. Instead, they are monaural recordings made on a pair of Nagra tape recorders for reference purposes by a film crew that was documenting the sessions for a proposed television documentary. When the television plan was scuttled, the film was released theatrically as ''Let It Be.''

It is unquestionably an important collection. Unlike normal session tapes, which usually include only performances, the Nagra reels, as these tapes are known, run continuously and capture everything: rehearsals, discussions, arguments, clowning and loose jams on Buddy Holly and Chuck Berry classics as well as older Beatles tunes and oddities like the theme from ''The Third Man,'' all in addition to the nose-to-the-grindstone work of making an album. No other set of Beatles sessions is so thoroughly documented.

These tapes are well known to collectors. Instantly recognizable because the film crew is regularly heard announcing slate and roll numbers, the material was the source for some of the first Beatles bootlegs in the early 1970's. Until the early 90's the trend in Beatles bootlegging was to compile collections of the most interesting performances and discussions. More recently, bootleg labels began releasing these tapes more systematically: unedited, in chronological order and with reel numbers and recording dates fully documented.

These tapes have also been the subject of two books: ''Get Back: The Unauthorized Chronicle of the Beatles' 'Let It Be' Disaster,'' by Doug Sulpy and Ray Schweighardt (St. Martin's, 1994), and ''The 910's Guide to the Beatles' Outtakes: The Complete 'Get Back' Sessions,'' a comprehensive catalog of the material by Mr. Sulpy (The 910, 2002).

As originally proposed, the idea for ''Let It Be'' was elegantly simple. Having completed the White Album a few months earlier, the Beatles were to convene at the Twickenham film studios in London to rehearse an album's worth of new songs. The rehearsals would be filmed by Michael Lindsay-Hogg, an expatriate American who had directed their promotional clips for ''Paperback Writer'' and ''Rain'' in 1966, as would the highlight of the project, a concert at which the Beatles would perform their new material.

What the plan did not take into account were the increasingly fractious relations among three of the four Beatles. John Lennon, more interested in his collaborations with Yoko Ono than in the Beatles, wanted either to involve her in the band or to distance himself from it. He brought a handful of songs to the sessions, and is heard in a few hilarious monologues (including one about how masturbation ''doesn't make you go blind, only very shortsighted'') but is often passive and uninvolved.

George Harrison, by then a prolific songwriter, was disgruntled about his paltry representation on the Beatles' albums, which were always dominated by the music of Lennon and Paul McCartney. He was also uninterested in performing in concert, and irritated by what he regarded as Mr. McCartney's condescension in telling him what to play. At one point Harrison walked out, effectively (if temporarily) quitting the band, leaving the others to pursue a series of aggressive but fascinating jams with Ms. Ono vocalizing. Mr. McCartney is at times almost despondent about his partners' lack of interest and cooperation. Only Ringo Starr seems to be taking the sessions in stride.

In the end Harrison returned, but only after being guaranteed that his songs would receive greater consideration, and that there would be no more talk of a concert. The project was completed with a series of performances filmed at the group's new Apple studios, and on the rooftop of their London offices.

What makes these tapes crucial to Beatles biographers and musicians interested in studying the band's working process is that they capture it all. The rehearsals often begin with one of the Beatles playing a new song while calling out the chord progression to the others. The group joins in and works through the changes, and ideas for arrangements slowly accrue. Some songs -- ''Two of Us,'' ''One After 909'' and ''Get Back,'' for example -- are tried as everything from sizzling, fast-tempo rockers to country-influenced ballads.

The process of lyric writing unfolds before the listener's ears as well. In one session for ''Get Back,'' Mr. McCartney stops during a run-through and says, ''I've got it -- Jo Jo left his home in Tucson, Arizona.'' Lennon asks, ''Is Tucson in Arizona?'' Mr. McCartney replies, ''Yeah, it's where they make 'High Chaparral.' ''

There is also a good deal of material that, even for the Beatles-obsessed, can be hard slogging -- hours and hours and hours of ''The Long and Winding Road,'' for example. And the discussions, which often last several reels at a stretch, range from the amusingly loopy to the contentious. Several are about the proposed concert. Among the plans suggested are playing in an amphitheater in North Africa, or on a cruise ship on the Mediterranean. When Harrison quits, Mr. Lindsay-Hogg suggests going on with the show and saying that Harrison is ill, to which Lennon replies, ''If he's not back by Tuesday, we'll call Eric Clapton.'' One reel captures a lunch meeting at which the group airs its problems in some detail.

Had these illuminating tapes not already found their way onto the collectors' market, their seizure would be unfortunate, because it is unlikely that Apple, the Beatles' company, will ever sanction their legitimate release. Apple has even tried to stifle scholarly discussion of them. When Mr. Sulpy and Mr. Schweighardt were at work on their first book, they naïvely sent Apple a sample chapter and sought permission to hear the studio recordings. Apple responded by threatening legal action.




I started trying to collect this set 2 years ago. It gets seeded all kinds of ways. One disc here, one disc there… someone thought it would be nice to encode to .APE on a few I found. Very frustrating to try to collect a set this big that way. Like most people, I only had some pieces.

A gentleman named alGo did manage to collect these though, as they were first being posted. He notes:

This was all downloaded from easytree and then later dimeadozen. It was upped by PC_Eclipse and later by hexer, and, supposedly, they got their sets directly in flac format from Purple Chick (mmm PC and PC_Eclipse. Never thought of that. Who knows...).

They were seeded in small batches of maybe two or three cds. I've made one directory for each day and then put the correspondent discs there, like it should be. Some of the uploaded files had defects and patches were uploaded. Those patches are already applied, as was a later patch from PC to one of the tracks. So this is AB road 1.1 instead of 1.0.

In a disc or two an 'unofficial' patch was uploaded and suggested too. I have NOT replaced the original PC track, but I've put them on a directory inside that disc so everyone can judge and replace it where necessary.

Some of the first batches (that started with the apple sessions) were originally in shn format. Personally, I can't stand shn so I reconverted them to flac level 8 using Flac Frontend. Hope no one really minds about it.

So, alGo did a lot of further work to organize this set. I was still unhappy with having to reference a track list document to browse 2100+ files, so I have named all the tracks, combined into a single folder and added FLAC tags. This is the most complete presentation of this historic set, of over a thousand reels, you will find anywhere. All tracks have been meticulously labeled to include all info for easy browsing, including the DDSI take numbers.

DDSI numbers were published by Doug Sulpy when these tracks were initially pieced together and cataloged, in order of recording, for the most part, and presented in the book, "Drugs, Divorce and a Slipping Image (DDSI). Doug will be releasing an updated version of this book soon, and it is my hope that this set will compliment that nicely – you’ll be able to instantly call up a track while you read about it using the DDSI # assigned by Doug.




Month. Day - Disc-Track - Title DDSI#.mp3


Jan.02 - D1-08 - Don't Let Me Down 2.01.mp3

Jan.02 - D1-35 - Sun King 2.24.mp3

Not all tracks from Purple Chick were assigned the DDSI numbers, so some are just in-between takes.




I note these here, not for boasting, but for general information. This set has been notoriously hard to complete, especially with any consistent lineage. Here is the chain of custody for this set:

THE FILM ENGINEERS - recorded thousands of audio reels over 4 weeks - the people in between
PURPLE CHICK - initial compilation and lots of hard work piecing the reels together PC_ECLIPSE & HEXER - initial individual distribution of the 83 CDs
alGo - initial compiling from the 83 individual Discs to 4 big sets

ROGERLANCELOT - computation of times & track data.
JAMESKG - final compiling and file naming, flac tagging, and fixing a non-compliance problem

I have gone through this set with a fine tooth comb and Doug Sulpy’s 2006 edition book’s list by DDSI #s. I found a few anomalies with track #s and DDSI #s and have re-aligned to Sulpy’s book. Something like 100 or so errors out of all 2187 tracks. I’m pretty sure this is as accurate as the documentation has ever been for this set.


How to break out to discs (courtesy of rogerlancelot)


01/02/69 - 2 Discs (2:39:15) 1 double case

01/03/69 - 4 Discs (5:12:33) 2 double cases

01/06/69 - 5 Discs (6:04:03) 2 double cases / 1 single case

01/07/69 - 4 Discs (5:10:28) 2 double cases

01/08/69 - 4 Discs (5:02:49) 2 double cases

01/09/69 - 5 Discs (5:21:39) 2 double cases / 1 single case

01/10/69 - 4 Discs (4:36:51) 2 double cases

01/13/69 - 3 Discs (3:28:50) 1 double case / 1 single case

01/14/69 - 3 Discs (3:02:42) 1 double case / 1 single case

01/21/69 - 3 Discs (3:28:57) 1 double case / 1 single case

01/22/69 - 4 Discs (5:05:22) 2 double cases

01/23/69 - 4 Discs (4:53:14) 2 double cases

01/24/69 - 4 Discs (4:55:06) 2 double cases

01/25/69 - 6 Discs (7:09:17) 3 double cases

01/26/69 - 6 Discs (6:30:01) 3 double cases

01/27/69 - 6 Discs (7:05:26) 3 double cases

01/28/69 - 6 Discs (7:02:31) 3 double cases

01/29/69 - 4 Discs (4:31:24) 2 double cases

01/30/69 - 2 Discs (1:47:56) 1 double case

01/31/69 - 4 Discs (4:35:43) 2 double cases

Total = 83 Discs - 39 double cases - 5 single cases


Set times (courtesy of rogerlancelot, verified by jameskg)


Part 1: Twickenham = 40:39:10 (1042 Tracks)

Part 2: Apple = 57:04:57 (1145 Tracks)

Total Time = 97:44:07 (83 CDs, 2187 Tracks)

Here we go...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the work of sharing this treasure with us. You have just increased the sale of more BIG hard drives!

Again, please update the 2nd image for disc 1/2 of "The Beatles" detailed track listing. The image shows the track list for disc 1/2 from "The Magical Mystery Tour" instead of "The Beatles." Thanks.


4:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Thanks for al the beatles stuff, any chance for more I main abby road outtakes from 1969 none A/B camera's...... amazing bedankt voor al het werk wat je erin stopt!!!

groet/greetings paul

8:08 PM  
Blogger Zen Archer said...

I'm trying to lay my hands on the missing artwork, and yes there will be other outtakes after i'm done with the camera rolls...

10:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the artwork you require is here

5:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Zen, thanks for sharing this; it's great. I had just got hold of "30 days" which pales in comparison...Regards,

4:32 PM  
Blogger moon1629 said...

thanks a lot! it's a great site! and god bless you!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is every Beatlemaniacs wet dream. The sheer thoroughness of the whole collection is enough to give me a hard-on. But once I started listening to what was downloaded... I mean, the sound quality, mono or not, is just so good, I'm really quite surprised. This is great historical content, as well as great music, in orgasmic portions. I couldn't help but cream in my jeans. Thanks for taking the trouble and downloading all this massive material. I'll be downloading this stuff for the rest of the week!

12:51 PM  
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Aside from that, this site is amazing.

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Blogger fab432 said...

Great information on this amazing set. Now here is some info that I would like some input on. I have recently come across 103 DAT tapes all marked "Production Master" on the spine of the case. Each cassette is 1.5 hours long. The content is the complete 1969 Get Back Sessions. The total time is approx. 150 hours which is considerably longer than the 100 hours on the CD set. Would anyone have any idea on what these are and what they might be worth?

8:23 PM  
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